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Who originated Veggie Pride Parades?

David Olivier and a handful of similar minded people had the idea of the parade. Things really took off on 31 August 2001 when a proposal for a march in Paris was raised in two Internet discussion groups dedicated to animals. Several people showed interest in the project. To firm up the idea, another discussion group was created on 3 September 2001. This new group formed the basis for the political platform of Veggie Pride.


Why is Veggie Pride Parade effective?

It's effective because it brings to public's attention, and raises awareness in the community about vegetarianism, as well as serves as a good platform for local Vegan and Animal Rights activists to educate the public.


When are Veggie Pride Parades organized?

Veggie Pride takes place on the third Saturday of May. We encourage you to organize it at the same time, if possible, to strengthen the Veggie Pride movement in general.


How can I participate in a Veggie Pride Parade?

Choose the city where you would like to participate (see our main page) and contact the local Veggie Pride Parade organizers for specific questions.


What should I do if I'd like to organize a Veggie Pride Parade in my area?

Start doing it! We will be happy to help you promotie the Veggie Pride Parade in your city by placing it on our Veggie Pride map and provide you your own web space (www.VeggiePride.com/Your_City) for promoting your event, as well as share with you any knowledge and helpful tips we may have.


Please contact us for any additional questions or help to organize Veggie Pride Parade in your area.


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