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The origins of the Veggie Pride movement will take us to the Old World (Europe)...

The Veggie Pride Parade has been held annually in Paris since 2001, but later also has been emulated in other cities in the world. It brings together vegetarians and vegans who want to show their pride at refusing to eat animals, and to denounce the discrimination which they suffer, both personally and in terms of expressing their ideas. The Veggie Pride aims to encourage vegetarians to affirm their convictions and to bring the society to accept the debate on the legitimacy of the consumption of animals. The first Italian Veggie Pride was held in Rome on 17 May 2008 and was attended by about 700 people. The first American Veggie Pride Parade was held in 2008 in Manhattan, New York.

Wikipedia website with more info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veggie_Pride

Veggie Pride international website: www.veggiepride.org

While the original Veggie Pride movement was an Animal Rights demonstration, the American movement is a more general demonstration to celebrate and promote vegetarian/vegan lifestyle regardless of the reasons (e.g. ethical, health, environmental, spiritual or their combinations). Broadening the movement helps to bring more attention to the general population, and educating the public about alternative (veg*n) choices, which ultimately benefits animals.


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